October Building Update

Greetings from Thailand, October 2022

Special Building Update. Since 2001, my family and I have labored to see one reality come to fruition: a self-sustaining, self-governing, self-propagating Baptist church in Thailand. As of today, this dream is almost a reality!  We are very close to being able to purchase a building and property for our church plant to help them over this last obstacle. We understand the necessity of a local church being reliant on local funds. We have endeavored to establish a pattern of ministry from the start, that would model this idea. However, like the assist we provided by being present physically to preach and disciple, the church still needs a last boost to get over the financial hump that will allow this local church to be financially independent. 

Two bits of good news about our building fund. 1) The Dollar is still gaining strength which makes any donations about 25% more valuable than when we first started this project.  2) We were recently notified of two additional churches who generously gave $10,000 and $5,000. What this means is that including the funds that our church has saved, we are just $30,000 short of our goal!!!!!. The owner has agreed not to raise the price for us until the end of the year, so time is of the essence.  Will you or your church commit to being involved in this great project?  The best way to get involved is to give through the Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate and give to Michael Frederick with a memo note that is for “building fund”. You can also contact me via email (mike@thaimissions.org) to notify of a pledged amount that you or your church would like to give toward this project.   

Front of our hoped for building

Currently the church is self-supporting in all aspects apart from about 50% of the monthly rent. This building would make this a truly independent church with a local pastor, missionaries we support, and men that are being trained for future ministry. This was our goal when arriving to Thailand and we are so close to seeing this goal reached.

I assure you that all funds that will be given and are given will be used for this project The land, once purchased, will be under the church’s legally established foundation. No individual will benefit from this purchase, which will be used exclusively for ministry of the New Life Baptist Church, Hang Dong, Thailand.

The completion of this project will be a huge factor in the long term viability of this church plant and secure the financial stability of this church for years to come.  Please earnestly pray with us that the Lord’s will be done. 

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


November Update

Greetings from Thailand,

Building Update. As of November 1, the Lord has provided over $60,000 towards our building need of  $165,000. We have two and a half more months to try to raise the needed funds at the price (the original asking price was about $200,000. If you need more information or have questions please feel free to contact me.  Most of the funds have been in the form of pledges for which we are thankful. Apart from the building, there are some exciting events to relay.

Bible Institute. We did a short facebook ad seeking potential students for the current term (started in August). There were many inquiries and we have added two more students to the rolls (studying remotely via live stream). We are going to make a larger blitz toward the end of the year with a goal of adding at least five more remote students.  

Foundation. We started a non-profit foundation several years ago, thanks to your offerings. Through this foundation, I have been able to organize the church as a legal entity, use it for my visa and work permit, as well as legal protection for our Bible School. Several missionaries approached me with an idea to expand and use the foundation to facilitate other missionaries, especially Filipino missionaries, who have difficulty obtaining a religious visa and often don’t have the funding to start a new foundation. After a long period of planning, we are seeing results. We have established four branches throughout Thailand to help local churches and bring in new missionaries. The first missionary should arrive soon form the Philippines and work at a branch in Chaiyaphum province. This is an exciting new opportunity and thanks to our Filipino contact, there are many families lining up to obtain visas and work permits through our foundation. We hope that by working cooperatively with other missionaries we can facilitate a large number of new workers in Thailand. Fortunately, this project is fully funded and is able to operate in perpetuity as our overhead costs are low and are happily borne by the missionary applicants. 

Church. COVID cases are again spiking to the highest level yet in our province and there is a likelihood of the government imposing limits on gatherings again. There is a real sense of fatigue amongst the populace. The fear and restrictions have really hampered our ability to do organized outreach. I continue to have an outreach ministry at the local universities, but most students and staff are not really wanting to venture beyond their immediate environment. Please pray for wisdom as we, like you, continue down this unmarked path.    

If you are interested in helping us purchase this building by the end of the year, you can send special offerings can be given via PayPal https://paypal.me/thaimissions?locale.x=en_US or directing to our missions clearinghouse Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate or contact me to let me know of a pledge. I am happy to answer any questions about this project via email or phone at 864-561-5217 (12 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time). My sending pastor, Mike Jones of Grace Baptist Church, Panama City, FL would happily answer any questions as well via email pastor.gbcpc@gmail.com or phone (850) 818-3883. 

Please pray for us to have wisdom during these difficult times of ministry, to be faithful in God’s appointed task, and not be weary in well-doing. Thank you for faithfully standing with us as we reach the Thai people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


Purchase Church Facilities

We have recently started a project to raise funds to purchase a building for our church. New Life Baptist Church was started in 2004 and has been in the same location since 2006. The membership has been faithful for many years. As the church moves into the last phase of becoming an autonomous church we desire to alleviate the burden of monthly rent by purchasing a building. leave the church with a building, free and clear. In order to see this vision become a reality we are moving in a two pronged approach. First, New Life Baptist Church of Chiang Mai is doing a fundraising campaign to encourage the membership to give towards the project. Our goal is to raise 1,000,000 Baht (about US$35,000). These funds will be used to renovate and make necessary repairs on the building. The second prong is asking churches in the US to contribute towards the purchase of the building. The current price of $165,000 is guaranteed until the end of the year. This is a great opportunity for our church and we are excited about how the Lord will work in this program.

You can donate through our mission clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate Or via PayPal

You can find out more detailed information on the Purchase FAQ page

June 2021 Update

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June 2021

Dear praying partners,                           

Greetings from Thailand. We have a fabulous opportunity to purchase a building and plot of land that is perfect for our church. We are hoping to find a way to purchase this land as soon as possible, as the Lord leads.  

Several years ago, we realized that the cost of our rent (about $450 a month) could be allocated towards a pastor’s salary if we had a debt-free building. As a result, we started a building fund several years ago, but real estate prices continue to increase in Thailand and our goals shift further away. Two shophouses similar to what we currently rent typically cost over $250,000. Needless to say, we’ve been discouraged.

However, due to COVID, several lots have come for sale, many at reduced prices. For example, two shophouses (still smaller than where we currently rent) are for sale for $270,000, reduced from $300,000. Last week, we saw a building and lot for sale (used previously as a church building, since closed) for sale for only $175,000. After we inquired about the price, we found that it has reduced to $165,000. It is located in our district so we would be still reaching the same neighborhoods and it’s as large as the facility we currently rent and has better parking. The building is conveniently located, close to the main highway and across the street from a major landmark. In short, it is a fantastic property at a fantastic price. Unfortunately, although we can hold title to the property as a church, we cannot obtain financing. A cash sale is our only option.

We have diligently tried to keep our ministry expenses at a level where they will not prove to be a burden to the local congregation, in keeping with our goal to plant a local, reproducing New Testament church in Thailand. As a result, the church takes care of 100% of all the recurring expenses. We have saved $6,000 over several years toward a future land/building purchase. With our average church member making about $500 per month, raising $160,000 is likely out of reach for us. To secure the future we are asking for your gifts and prayers in acquiring this property.

It is not a coincidence that my preaching schedule has brought me to Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand. Jesus used the little lad’s lunch to feed many. We likewise have brought our meager resources to the Lord asking Him to use them as He sees fit so this small lighthouse of hope can stand for many years after our passing.

Attached are our initial pictures of the property. I am scheduling a Facebook live session for Saturday at 8 PM Central Time. You can access the event at https://fb.me/e/1wJoEcAlD.  You can also access the event on our Facebook page. I will send more information as well as some video footage later.

Please send all donations of any amount to Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate under our name (a note can be added that it is for building fund).

God Bless you and thank you for your continued support and prayers,

Mike & Francis Frederick



mike@thaimissions.org    864-561-5217

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Figure 1 Office, at front of the building

A group of people walking through a building

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Figure 2  Main Auditorium.  Twice the capacity as our current building

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Figure 3  Main Auditorium platform.

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Figure 4  One of three large classrooms

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Figure 5  Large kitchen.

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Figure 6   Building front.  On a major road.  Plenty of parking in back

Frederick December 2020 Prayer Update

December 2020

Dear praying partners,                             

First of all, Frances and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. It is such a blessing to know that the Lord made way for us to be reconciled to Him.  COVID lockout update: The year is coming to a close, and we are still no closer to returning to Thailand.  The government has opened the country for select visa classes, but our visa category is still not permitted return. We continue to wait. It is easy to complain, but we have seen the Lord work in our delay. We have been able to raise some much-needed support, hopefully, encourage the churches we have visited, and we have had time with our family. We have reported to most of our supporting churches in the last two years but would be happy to visit if y desire. My stateside number is 864-561-5217. Until we are ready to return to Thailand, Mike is also available for pulpit supply if needed.

Ministry in Thailand: The ministry continues in Thailand, thanks to Dtom’swillingness to be used by the Lord. Even with COVID-19 and the many social restrictions in place, the church managed to have our annual family camp in October. The church’s sixteenth anniversary was celebrated in November. There weren’t many visitors, but it was a time of encouragement to see how the Lord has worked in many lives. The membership will celebrate Christmas with our annual Christmas party as well as Christmas caroling on Christmas day. Mike teaches weekly in the church through online video. While not ideal, technology is a real blessing and makes the distance easier to tolerate. Outreach ministry has been severely hampered. Despite this, there have been several visitors.

A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generatedBible Institute: Mike has recently finished the Bible school term. The next semester begins in January via zoom until we can return. We have partnered with a sister church (30 minutes away) to help train future leaders. Weare blessed to be able to work together for the Lord’s purpose.

Travels: This fall, we have maintained a fairly busy travel schedule. We have had three more churches partner with us in our ministry to Thailand. We are now about 80% supported. Unfortunately, the dollar has dropped another 10% against the Thai Baht. If you have a church that you’d like to suggest we contact, please send the information to us.

Health: Mike had a follow-up with the Heart doctor, and all is well. The doctor wasn’t concerned and gave mike has a clean bill of health. We finally got the bill! $120,000, the majority of which was covered by our military insurance! Almost to the day that we got the bill Crow Baptist Church in Beaver, WV called and asked if we needed any help. They covered a significant part of the expense, with the remainder paid for by Trident Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, and the generous love offerings of the churches we have visited. As of right now, we owe nothing. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Requests.  Salvation: The husband of a member who has been attending for six years. Family and friends of church members. Those contacted in various outreach ministries. Fruit from Christmas outreach activities. Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Especially pray for Dtom that the Lord would give him wisdom and perseverance in leading the church. Pray for a new couple in our church for spiritual growth in being newly married but separated as they wait for her visa to the USA to be approved. Please also pray for other Thailand missionary families and us as we wait for Thailand to allow our return.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him,

Mike & Francis Frederick

www.thaimissions.org  Facebook: thaimissions.org  

mike@thaimissions.org    864-561-5217

October 2020 Update

October 2020

Dear praying partners,                             

Current Situation: Several months have passed, and we are no closer to returning to Thailand than when we arrived. We are patiently (sort of) waiting on the Lord to re-open our country so we can quickly return. Although impatient, the Lord is still in control. Events like this make us keenly aware of His sovereignty and the necessity for us simply to wait on the Lord. We are so thankful for Sumter Baptist Temple, allowing us to stay in their missions home rent-free. This generous assistance has been a tremendous blessing as it removes financial pressures and gives us a bit of normalcy. Although we have recently visited most of our supporting churches, we can report if you desire. My stateside number is 864-561-5217. Mike can also provide an extended pulpit supply if needed.

Ministry in Thailand: Dtom, who has been watching the church since May, has done a great job. He was supposed to start apprenticing at the beginning of 2021, but the Lord has allowed him to begin earlier under “real world” conditions. The church family has responded well to his leadership, and it is a blessing to report that attendance is up, and the faithful are still faithful. It is a shame that he has yet to receive his Bible diploma and participate in our Bible School’s graduation ceremony. Ceremonies are important in Thai culture, so we are still planning a grand ceremony upon our return.

Bible Institute: The Bible Institute continues via online instruction by myself and a fellow missionary in Thailand. We are thankful for technology, which allows us to continue instructing the students. While technology can be a blessing, slow internet and intermittent outages have hampered our classes somewhat. There are currently four students actively pursuing a degree while several others are in the “look and see” stage. Several of the students are from a sister church in a neighboring province. It is great to be able to work together for a common purpose.

Travels: Since our last letter, we have traveled over 7000 miles and have visited several churches, including several new churches that have committed to supporting us!  We are still under-supported, but because of the Lord’s closing Thailand, we have been able to gain slowly. We are currently about 75% of needed support. If you have a church that you’d like to suggest we contact, don’t be shy; please send the information to us.

Health: As you probably know, in August, Mike had a severe heart attack. He was airlifted from Sumter, SC, to a significant heart center in Columbia, SC. Recovery has been swift and the doctor has been pleased with the progress thus far. Please pray for continued healing and progress in adjusting diet and exercise. We haven’t gotten the bill yet, which is worrisome, but the Lord has met all of our needs thus far.

Prayer Requests.  Salvation: The husband of a member who has been attending for five years. Family and friends of church members. Those contacted in various outreach ministries. Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Especially pray for Dtom that the Lord would give him wisdom and perseverance in leading the church. Pray for a new couple in our church for spiritual growth in being newly married but separated as they wait for her visa to the USA to be approved. Please also pray for other Thailand missionary families and us as we wait for Thailand to allow our return.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

www.thaimissions.org  Facebook: thaimissions.org  

mike@thaimissions.org    864-561-5217

November 2019

Dear praying partners,                                                                                                     

Visas: Praise the Lord that Frances was able to get her visa and then got an extension with little difficulty. Unfortunately, we have to start our annual process again in January for our April renewal.

Ministry in Thailand: Mike continues to teach at the University. This ministry is an excellent open-door to reach both Thai students as well as faculty. We currently only have one student who is a member of the church, but we are praying that more will become interested. With the yearly incoming freshman class, there are always new people to reach. Frances is also teaching English to the wife of one of our Bible students. This is an excellent discipleship time in addition to teaching English. She is very faithful but still relatively young.

Mission Board: Since we have switched to a clearinghouse, you should be aware that any correspondence or packages should be sent to our field address at Box 47 Hang Dong Post, Chiang Mai 50230 Thailand, or to our home church: Grace Baptist Church, 2745 MLK Blvd. Panama City, FL 32405.

Church Anniversary: We celebrated the 15th anniversary of New Life Baptist Church with a family camp, followed by a revival. The camp was excellent. Dtom, our Bible student who will be graduating next year, took responsibility for the whole camp, from budgeting, planning, activities, etc. and did an excellent job with very little input. This is only one step in progressing to our goal of a local indigenous church. The camp highlight was the campfire testimony time. Many confessed sins, asked for prayer, and praised the Lord for His goodness. It was also exciting to see the daughter of one of our members get baptized. The revival meeting was three days. Attendance was sparse on Friday and Saturday, but there was a good turnout on Sunday night with 24 visitors. We really need prayer for wisdom in doing followup with the visitors.

Bible Institute: Mike continues to teach classes regularly. We will be ready for our next graduation in May (assuming everything goes as scheduled). We will have one graduate, Dtom. We are recording all of the classes and continue to place them online in an online learning environment. The process has been slow with a steep learning curve, but it seems we finally have a workable process. Last month, our first Bible student form another province contacted us about studying online. This is exciting as it is precisely what we hope to be able to accomplish; reaching Thai’s with a high-quality Bible education while they continue to serve in their local churches. As we get more courses finished, we will start to advertise them throughout the country via Facebook.

Prayer Requests. Salvation: A man in our church who continues to attend faithfully (father of the girl who got saved). Pray for Mike’s students and fellow teachers at University. Pray for followup with the guests that attended the revival services. Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Also, pray for a lady in our church getting married in December. Please also pray for wisdom and faithfulness while we serve the Lord. The longer we serve the Lord, the more we understand how weak we are. Thankfully the Lod is faithful and strengthens us.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

www.thaimissions.org Facebook: thaimissions.org