October 2020 Update

October 2020

Dear praying partners,                             

Current Situation: Several months have passed, and we are no closer to returning to Thailand than when we arrived. We are patiently (sort of) waiting on the Lord to re-open our country so we can quickly return. Although impatient, the Lord is still in control. Events like this make us keenly aware of His sovereignty and the necessity for us simply to wait on the Lord. We are so thankful for Sumter Baptist Temple, allowing us to stay in their missions home rent-free. This generous assistance has been a tremendous blessing as it removes financial pressures and gives us a bit of normalcy. Although we have recently visited most of our supporting churches, we can report if you desire. My stateside number is 864-561-5217. Mike can also provide an extended pulpit supply if needed.

Ministry in Thailand: Dtom, who has been watching the church since May, has done a great job. He was supposed to start apprenticing at the beginning of 2021, but the Lord has allowed him to begin earlier under “real world” conditions. The church family has responded well to his leadership, and it is a blessing to report that attendance is up, and the faithful are still faithful. It is a shame that he has yet to receive his Bible diploma and participate in our Bible School’s graduation ceremony. Ceremonies are important in Thai culture, so we are still planning a grand ceremony upon our return.

Bible Institute: The Bible Institute continues via online instruction by myself and a fellow missionary in Thailand. We are thankful for technology, which allows us to continue instructing the students. While technology can be a blessing, slow internet and intermittent outages have hampered our classes somewhat. There are currently four students actively pursuing a degree while several others are in the “look and see” stage. Several of the students are from a sister church in a neighboring province. It is great to be able to work together for a common purpose.

Travels: Since our last letter, we have traveled over 7000 miles and have visited several churches, including several new churches that have committed to supporting us!  We are still under-supported, but because of the Lord’s closing Thailand, we have been able to gain slowly. We are currently about 75% of needed support. If you have a church that you’d like to suggest we contact, don’t be shy; please send the information to us.

Health: As you probably know, in August, Mike had a severe heart attack. He was airlifted from Sumter, SC, to a significant heart center in Columbia, SC. Recovery has been swift and the doctor has been pleased with the progress thus far. Please pray for continued healing and progress in adjusting diet and exercise. We haven’t gotten the bill yet, which is worrisome, but the Lord has met all of our needs thus far.

Prayer Requests.  Salvation: The husband of a member who has been attending for five years. Family and friends of church members. Those contacted in various outreach ministries. Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Especially pray for Dtom that the Lord would give him wisdom and perseverance in leading the church. Pray for a new couple in our church for spiritual growth in being newly married but separated as they wait for her visa to the USA to be approved. Please also pray for other Thailand missionary families and us as we wait for Thailand to allow our return.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

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