June 2021 Update

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June 2021

Dear praying partners,                           

Greetings from Thailand. We have a fabulous opportunity to purchase a building and plot of land that is perfect for our church. We are hoping to find a way to purchase this land as soon as possible, as the Lord leads.  

Several years ago, we realized that the cost of our rent (about $450 a month) could be allocated towards a pastor’s salary if we had a debt-free building. As a result, we started a building fund several years ago, but real estate prices continue to increase in Thailand and our goals shift further away. Two shophouses similar to what we currently rent typically cost over $250,000. Needless to say, we’ve been discouraged.

However, due to COVID, several lots have come for sale, many at reduced prices. For example, two shophouses (still smaller than where we currently rent) are for sale for $270,000, reduced from $300,000. Last week, we saw a building and lot for sale (used previously as a church building, since closed) for sale for only $175,000. After we inquired about the price, we found that it has reduced to $165,000. It is located in our district so we would be still reaching the same neighborhoods and it’s as large as the facility we currently rent and has better parking. The building is conveniently located, close to the main highway and across the street from a major landmark. In short, it is a fantastic property at a fantastic price. Unfortunately, although we can hold title to the property as a church, we cannot obtain financing. A cash sale is our only option.

We have diligently tried to keep our ministry expenses at a level where they will not prove to be a burden to the local congregation, in keeping with our goal to plant a local, reproducing New Testament church in Thailand. As a result, the church takes care of 100% of all the recurring expenses. We have saved $6,000 over several years toward a future land/building purchase. With our average church member making about $500 per month, raising $160,000 is likely out of reach for us. To secure the future we are asking for your gifts and prayers in acquiring this property.

It is not a coincidence that my preaching schedule has brought me to Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand. Jesus used the little lad’s lunch to feed many. We likewise have brought our meager resources to the Lord asking Him to use them as He sees fit so this small lighthouse of hope can stand for many years after our passing.

Attached are our initial pictures of the property. I am scheduling a Facebook live session for Saturday at 8 PM Central Time. You can access the event at https://fb.me/e/1wJoEcAlD.  You can also access the event on our Facebook page. I will send more information as well as some video footage later.

Please send all donations of any amount to Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate under our name (a note can be added that it is for building fund).

God Bless you and thank you for your continued support and prayers,

Mike & Francis Frederick



mike@thaimissions.org    864-561-5217

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Figure 1 Office, at front of the building

A group of people walking through a building

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Figure 2  Main Auditorium.  Twice the capacity as our current building

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Figure 3  Main Auditorium platform.

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Figure 4  One of three large classrooms

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Figure 5  Large kitchen.

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Figure 6   Building front.  On a major road.  Plenty of parking in back

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