Frederick Update from Thailand May 2022

Greetings from Thailand, May 2022

Building Update. The building fund fund has been going rather slowly, but I can honestly say that we have placed this in the Lord’s hands and are content to wait for His provision.  We have had several churches and individuals give recently, for which we are very grateful. A sister church in a neighboring province has been taking special offerings for us and recently presented us with $800 toward our building. As of today we are at $87,000 of the $165,000 needed.  It is great to be over halfway, but we still have a loooong way to go. If the Lord burdens you about helping with this much needed project, please send a special offering to the Central Missionary Clearinghouse in our name, designated “Building Fund” or contact me to let me know of a pledge via email or phone (stateside number 864-561-5217). We are actively looking at other properties and the possibility to build our own facility. We have seen nothing as cost effective or with as good a location as the property we are pursuing, but we are ever watchful.  

Bible Institute. The Bible Institute is preparing for our fourth graduation ceremony in June. The school is growing in enrollment, with two more new students applying to study online. Our current enrollment is thirteen students. I am sure there will be some attrition as time goes on, but it is exciting to see the growth, not just numerically, but in the range of locations students are studying form. 

Pastor. Pastor Dtom was installed as co-pastor in February and is doing a great job thus far. He has some great new ideas about developing the men of the church and has been managing the day to day tasks of the church efficiently and appropriately. This has mostly freed me (Mike) to place most of my emphasis on the Bible School. It is exciting to see what the future holds for Pastor Dtom and New Life Baptist Church

Prayer Requests: Please pray for several unsaved who are coming to services regularly. Especially the man whose family are all saved and he continues to come faithfully but still won’t accept the Lord. Also pray for two members who are starting to stray because of sinful desires. I hope you understand that I do not use names to respect their privacy. Also continue to pray for our building project and for the students is the Bible school to be faithful 

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


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