August 2022 Building Update

Greetings from Thailand, August 2022

Special Building Update. Our building project is still progressing very slowly. We sit at $95,000 as of August and praise the Lord for the many contributions, both large and small. We are, however, still short about $70,000. These figures are not taking into account the current strength of the dollar which gives us almost 20% more buying power at present. We desire to finish this project by the end of the year and are asking you to help us reach our goal by making a special gift or pledge as soon as possible. This project seems insurmountable, but we know that the Lord can provide. 

A question that is often asked concerns how we will purchase the property. I assure you, this property will not be purchased by an individual or group of individuals. The property will be purchased in the name of our foundation and therefore, cannot be sold by any individual for gain. Our foundation is audited by the Thai government yearly to ensure our receipts and expenditures are properly accounted for. As an additional safeguard, the Thai government requires a board of directors who are registered with the Thai government. Our board consists of both foreign and Thai Christians who are responsible for the actions of the foundation. Our Thai board members are long standing members of the New Life Baptist Church and are all college graduates. I know there can be a distrust of funding a property allocated for national use, but we have taken every safeguard to ensure the proper use of all funds with or without our presence. 

We have an unofficial deadline of the end of the year to purchase this property. We are pursing other avenues, such as vacant land where we could build our own facility, or other appropriate existing structures. Nothing comparable to the building we desire to buy has presented itself as yet. 

If the Lord burdens you about helping with this much needed project, please send a special offering to the Central Missionary Clearinghouse in our name, designated “Building Fund” or contact me to let me know of a pledge via email or phone (stateside number 864-561-5217). The completion of this project will be a huge factor in the long term viability of this church plant and secure the financial stability of this church for years to come.  Please pray with us that the Lord’s will be done. 

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


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