October Building Update

Greetings from Thailand, October 2022

Special Building Update. Since 2001, my family and I have labored to see one reality come to fruition: a self-sustaining, self-governing, self-propagating Baptist church in Thailand. As of today, this dream is almost a reality!  We are very close to being able to purchase a building and property for our church plant to help them over this last obstacle. We understand the necessity of a local church being reliant on local funds. We have endeavored to establish a pattern of ministry from the start, that would model this idea. However, like the assist we provided by being present physically to preach and disciple, the church still needs a last boost to get over the financial hump that will allow this local church to be financially independent. 

Two bits of good news about our building fund. 1) The Dollar is still gaining strength which makes any donations about 25% more valuable than when we first started this project.  2) We were recently notified of two additional churches who generously gave $10,000 and $5,000. What this means is that including the funds that our church has saved, we are just $30,000 short of our goal!!!!!. The owner has agreed not to raise the price for us until the end of the year, so time is of the essence.  Will you or your church commit to being involved in this great project?  The best way to get involved is to give through the Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate and give to Michael Frederick with a memo note that is for “building fund”. You can also contact me via email (mike@thaimissions.org) to notify of a pledged amount that you or your church would like to give toward this project.   

Front of our hoped for building

Currently the church is self-supporting in all aspects apart from about 50% of the monthly rent. This building would make this a truly independent church with a local pastor, missionaries we support, and men that are being trained for future ministry. This was our goal when arriving to Thailand and we are so close to seeing this goal reached.

I assure you that all funds that will be given and are given will be used for this project The land, once purchased, will be under the church’s legally established foundation. No individual will benefit from this purchase, which will be used exclusively for ministry of the New Life Baptist Church, Hang Dong, Thailand.

The completion of this project will be a huge factor in the long term viability of this church plant and secure the financial stability of this church for years to come.  Please earnestly pray with us that the Lord’s will be done. 

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


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