Frances’ Salvation Testimony

After my husband got saved in 1987, his pastor gave me a Tagalog Bible. I tried to read it, but I didn’t understand anything I read. I knew Jesus died on the cross, but I really didn’t understand why he died for me.

dscf0046When we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I was invited to a Filipino Bible study. The first thing that I noticed was how well the ladies knew their Bible. One of the ladies witnessed to me and asked me if we could pray for my salvation. We prayed, but I still did not truly understand salvation. When I got home, I told my husband I wanted to know all about the Bible. I don’t remember how many hours I spent reading the Bible but one day when I was reading, God showed me in His Word that “Not everyone that saith unto me, “Lord, Lord.” shall enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 7:21). I realized that I was not going to heaven just because I knew His name. God did not stop convicting me. He again showed me through His Word that I was not a born again Christian. That day in early 1992 I read I John 5:12, ”He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” I then realized that if I died that day I would not be going to heaven. However, if I accepted Christ, I would have everlasting life. So that night I asked God for forgiveness and I gave my life to Him. I also understood that Jesus died for me because he loves me.