ED Habal's Testimony

I praise the Lord for the opportunity to come to Thailand and teach computers. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’ve been teaching free computer classes for years now in Hawaii but did not have very many students. I understand now that the Lord was training me for this trip. Information Technology/Computers is my specialty, it is the talent the Lord gave me to be used for his honor and for his glory. It also helped that the students were all fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The Thai people also are a friendly people. These classes were the best classes I’ve ever had. Lord willing, we plan to return someday.

Ed Habal (June 2009)

Crystal Krug's Testimony

The highlight of my visit with the Frederick Family in Thailand this month was having the chance to interact with and teach English to local kids at a public school in grades 1st through 6th. There were 4 days of the English camp, and each day was a new and exciting challenge. Day 1 Matt and I only had 15 students in our group but the other days proved to be much more difficult with twice as many students and half the attention spans as the older kids, they were a handful! Most days we had around 45 students, all who learned very quickly that right answers merited a Jolly Rancher! No matter how the English portion and the game time went, at the end of each day, the students were quiet when Matt presented the wordless book in preparation for the craft at the end of the week. We were able to teach Weather, shapes and colors along with the Bible lesson so that the kids could explain their version of the wordless book (a wiggley eyed caterpillar) to their family and friends. It was truly a blessing and an honor to be involved with the Fredericks in their ministry in Thailand. Please keep them, and the New Life Baptist Church in your prayers! Crystal Krug (October 2009)


After my husband got saved in 1987, his pastor gave me a Tagalog Bible. I tried to read it, but I didn’t understand anything I read. I knew Jesus died on the cross, but I really didn’t understand why he died for me.

dscf0046When we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I was invited to a Filipino Bible study. The first thing that I noticed was how well the ladies knew their Bible. One of the ladies witnessed to me and asked me if we could pray for my salvation. We prayed, but I still did not truly understand salvation. When I got home, I told my husband I wanted to know all about the Bible. I don’t remember how many hours I spent reading the Bible but one day when I was reading, God showed me in His Word that “Not everyone that saith unto me, “Lord, Lord.” shall enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 7:21). I realized that I was not going to heaven just because I knew His name. God did not stop convicting me. He again showed me through His Word that I was not a born again Christian. That day in early 1992 I read I John 5:12, ”He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” I then realized that if I died that day I would not be going to heaven. However, if I accepted Christ, I would have everlasting life. So that night I asked God for forgiveness and I gave my life to Him. I also understood that Jesus died for me because he loves me.



I was saved in the fall of 1987.  dad on dates 1A friend was telling about Mormons (I was Lutheran) and some of the strange doctrines they held.  He challenged me to read a book about the Mormons that contrasted Mormon doctrine with the Bible.  While reading that book I realized how bizarre the Mormons were and slowly it dawned on me that I didn’t believe the truth that was given to counter the false doctrine.  After “white knuckling” for three weeks, knowing that if I were to die I would go to hell, I went forward during the Sunday invitation at Highland Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.