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March 2011 Prayer Letter

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March 2011 Happy Summer! With the close of February we have the privilege of welcoming the hot weather (It’s in the mid 90’s right now). This year marks our eighth of serving the Lord in Thailand, and it also marks the tenth year since we started raising support. What a blessing to have so many churches and individuals behind us for such a long period of time. New Life Baptist Chiang Mai. In December a friend of one of our members started attending church. She was pregnant without a husband and was in a very stressful situation, wanting to give away the child. She was saved in January and has since had her child and decided to keep her. It will be tough for her, but what a blessing to see her faithfully attending church and deciding that she wants to raise her child for God’s glory instead of giving her away. We are still distributing the Twelve Questions newsletters every month. We are printing and ready to start distributing the question concerning the Cross of Christ and the resurrection of Christ (March and April). This project has not yielded much in the way of fruit yet, but it has been a blessing to see the members of New Life Baptist church work tirelessly to distribute these newsletters to friends, family and neighbors. We are still accepting special contributions for this project. Special offerings can be given via BWMOM and designated “Thailand Newsletter Printing”. Bible Institute: Mike is currently teaching Systematic Theology classes in English in the evenings and has started a new class, Old Testament Survey, on Friday evenings for the Thai. Three students have registered for credit and two for audit. These classes are an important aspect of our ministry as this is the avenue by which we will train local leaders to send out as future missionaries, church planters, pastors, and Sunday school teachers. Family News: Joshua had the chance to come visit for Christmas and returned to the states too quickly. He is enrolled at a Christian college studying graphic arts. He is doing well at college and really enjoying the various aspects of college life. It was great to see how he has grown spiritually while away. Matthew will graduate in March 2011 from the local International University with a bachelor’s degree in English Communication. He has already started a job (part time until graduation) as a teacher at a bi-lingual school. He will continue to study at the Bible Institute during the evenings as God has called him into the ministry. Matthew helps with the music ministry and preaches occasionally as the Lord opens opportunities. He also co-teaches the English language Sunday school class. Hannah just celebrated her sixteenth birthday and is finishing her sophomore year of high school (home school). She is active in the church by helping to clean and most importantly, playing the piano and helping in the nursery. She is a fine young lady who loves the Lord and is helpful beyond measure. Our oldest daughter is in Okinawa with her husband who is in the US Air Force. It is great that they are active in a good church on Okinawa and are actively serving the Lord. We are proud parents and happy that everyone is active serving the Lord (albeit we are starting to get a little too spread out). College Ministry: The English classes have slowed down considerably at the university and will be shut down for the summer. We are praying for guidance concerning this ministry. The student center didn’t go very well, and we are in the process of re-evaluation. Lord willing, we will be able to tweak some things and continue our ministry at the North Chiang Mai University. The two missionary families, the Sullivants and the Angeles, have been an encouragement and blessing beyond description. My classes have ended, and I am happy to report that they went fairly well. I have had the opportunity to make some inroads with several students and the “ice” has been broken. Village Ministry: I hate to be the one to report bad news, but this ministry is just not going anywhere right now. We were initially encouraged when the lady under church discipline started attending services again with the understanding that she needed to confess before the church. Yet she has still not agreed to confess and has since stopped coming faithfully again. Most of the young people (16+) continue to leave this village for work in the city and the older people (40+) are becoming harder towards the gospel. Pray with us as we try to determine what is best to do about this work. Sakhorn is very discouraged, as am I, concerning this work; but no one can say that it is through a lack of trying or dedication. Prayer requests: Please pray for Ahm, Mae, Bhun, Ayima, Ann who are backslidden. Also pray for the newsletter distribution. Pray for Wi, Maem (recently saved single mother) for spiritual growth. Pray for the Bible school students: Tom, Matt, Tiang, Dtom, Katae, Somsri, and Liw. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him! For Christ in Thailand, Mike & Francis Frederick BWMOM, Thailand

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