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August 2012 Prayer Letter

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August 2012

God is good!  It is a pleasure to serve the Lord in Thailand for the past 9 ½ years.  It is a privilege to be associated with so many missions minded churches as well.  Without all of your faithful support we couldn’t be here preaching the saving message to the Thai people.

Bible Institute.  We still have one Thai student enrolled but we have been able to start an online element to the Bible Institute.  This term three missionaries (including myself) taught courses via the internet.  Next term we should be able to offer four classes.  This is a very efficient way to teach and hopefully in the near future we will have students from around Thailand.  Next year we should have our second graduation when our two English speaking students graduate.  Teaching in Bible Institute is a big part of our ministry as we desire to train future leaders.

New Life Baptist Church.  Another long time member left the church recently to go live in another province without a church.  It breaks our hearts to see people stray far from the Lord. On a positive note we have had several visitors from Mike’s university ministry and several neighborhood visitors attend regularly as well.  The church is stable and is growing stronger but it is a long difficult road.  Our church took a missions trip to a province about 10 hours away to help distribute literature.  What a blessing that four of our members sacrificially gave to be able to help this church plant in Chaiyaphum.

University Ministry.  This term, Mike has 70 students in three classes.  It is tiring but has been a great witnessing opportunity.  Additionally Mike had the opportunity to teach English to the Thai Olympic weightlifting team.  As of this writing, no medals yet! 

Missions Conference.  Please be in prayer for our church and our special speaker this September.  We will have our churches first faith promise missions’ conference.  Our church has supported one national missionary from our general budget for 3 years but we desire to be able to do more.  A veteran missionary from Bangkok will  preach the conference for us.  We are praying that our members will be stirred into action and giving for the cause of missions.

New Team Member.  September 6th, Atalie Habal will join us in our ministry.  She is a single lady who has followed the Lord’s call to help teach English and minister to children in Chiang Mai.  We are excited about how she will help to expand our ministry outreach.  Please pray for her as she makes the transition to Thailand. 


Prayer Requests:  The Professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, and Daeng for salvation. Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth.  The Bible school students: Tom, Matt, Dtom.  You can sign-up for updates at our web site;  We pray God’s blessing as you continue to serve the Lord! 

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

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