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May 2013 Prayer Letter

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June 2013

Disappointment.  This is a word that anyone that has been involved in the ministry at home or abroad is well acquainted with.  As I was teaching Bible Institute to the English speakers two weeks ago, we noticed in the feeding of the 5000, that of the multitudes that witnessed the miracle and wanted to immediately make Jesus king, most left him (John 6:66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him).  This is the nature of ministry. 

 Bible Institute.  Our new semester was cut short when our Thai Bible student dropped out in order to pursue the things of the world.  It still surprises how quickly things can change.  He initially completely disappeared from church but has since made tentative steps to return; attending some meetings.  It was very frustrating to contact the Thai pastors who dedicated so much of their time to help train this young man and tell them the bad news.  As of right now, our plans to expand the Bible Institute have been put on hold as we know of no men that are training for the ministry in the Independent Baptist churches that we fellowship with.  This has been a constant difficulty for missionaries in Thailand for the entire history of missions in this country.  Please pray that God would raise-up faithful men who would be willing to forsake all and follow the Lord.  On a positive note, our two English speakers will be graduating on July 19th.  One of our graduates will go to England in October for a survey trip and upon his return will intern as assistant pastor for about a year before trying to raise funds to go to England as a missionary.  He is English and his family is Thai. He has been a faithful member of our church since the beginning about 8 years ago.  If anyone would like to help him purchase his plane ticket to England you can send a gift to BWMOM and designate it appropriately.     

New Life Baptist Church.  Nookie was baptized on Resurrection Sunday to the glory f God.  She has since been very faithful to services and has been bringing some friends as well.  The university students are still relatively few (about 5 per week), but inroads are being made.  I start teaching again in June and look forward to meeting and witnessing to many more students.   

Prayer Requests:  The Professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, Nueng, and Daeng for salvation. Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth.  The Bible school students: Tom, Matt.  Pray for Nun and Nookie for spiritual growth.  You can see ministry pictures and more at our web site;  We pray God’s blessing as you continue to serve the Lord! 

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

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