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February Prayer Letter

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February 2014

Praise The Lord, we made it to the USA in one piece.  We were greeted at Atlanta with a recent ice storm and 12 degree weather.  We forgot how cold that was!  With no winter clothes and not having driven on ice and snow in many years, we were shocked, to say the least.  We did make it to our first meetings safely, and we praise The Lord for that.  Since then, cold weather has followed us like an unwanted puppy. We have been able to experience five winter storms in our first six weeks in the USA.  All I can say is I will not feel smug again when I hear my stateside friends lament how long winter is.  

Upon reaching the US, we were able to obtain a vehicle to use while on furlough for a very reasonable amount from a Christian ministry in St. Louis, Missouri.  We were also able to secure an apartment in Greenville, SC from which we will be based until the end of May when we will return to Thailand.  We have a busy schedule and will be able to visit many of our supporting churches which we haven't visited in ten-twelve years.  We were hoping to be able to visit several new churches as well, but it has been very difficult to obtain new meetings.  So, we will just have to be content with the support level as it is.    I can be reached, while in the USA, at 334-220-4140.  I can also be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook at the thaimissions facebook group. 

While we are in the states, a fellow missionary and Tom (who is a member of our church and was recently ordained) are taking turns preaching and looking after the church.  Additionally, I will be able to do a few services via Skype.  Technology is a wonderful thing when used properly.  The reports I have received so far have been good.  The church is continuing to do outreach ministry in the market as well as distributing tracts. 

Prayer Requests:  pray for safety as we travel; salvation for contacts from the monthly blood pressure booth outreach; Mikes students for salvation and spiritual growth.  Pray for Nun and Nookie for spiritual growth.  Also pray for Dtom for spiritual growth and discernment.  Please pray for Aek and Miw for wisdom and discernment.  We pray Gods blessing as you serve.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

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