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June 2014 Update

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 June 2014

Our four month furlough has finally ended and we arrived safely back in Thailand on June 22nd.  It was a blessing to visit many of our supporting churches and report on what the Lord has been doing in Thailand.  We were very encouraged by the reception we received from so many; it was truly humbling. 

Now that we are back in Thailand we are trying to hit the ground running.  We are hoping to adjust our ministry slightly to have a greater impact and prepare our church for a future without a missionary.  We will expand our outreach to include showing Christian movies in various neighborhoods and at the University on weekend nights.  There are several good films that have been dubbed into Thai and there are even a few local productions that we can show.  We are in the process of making contacts now for this exciting new aspect to our ministry.  It may seem like a small need, but if anyone would like to give for the purchase of snacks that we could provide during the showing, it would be greatly appreciated.  We estimate about $30 per showing or about $90 per week.  In addition to this new ministry we are already making plans for a Christmas carnival at several locations in December.  We are hoping to be able to do 3-5 booths with games and prizes along with Christian literature and a salvation message.  Again, we could use help in this endeavor.  We are planning on about $500 for materials and prizes for this activity. 

Lord willing we will return to our previous locations to teach English to teachers and University students in a few weeks. We made some great contacts prior to leaving for the states, so we are anxious to follow-up on those as soon as possible.  As I mentioned to many churches, the lack of faithful men is a real concern for us.  I had a meeting with the men that attend (fairly regularly) and challenged them concerning faithfulness.  We will be meeting again regularly to try to encourage them to understand their responsibility.

Please pray for Nuey, Pom, No, Aom, Ying, and Mike’s students for salvation.  Pray for Dtom and kwanchai for faithfulness.  Pray for Dtong and Aek concerning the Lord’s direction in their lives. Also please pray for open doors concerning the showing of movies in various neighborhoods.  Lastly, please pray for my (Mike’s) shoulder.  I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and it is very painful and limiting. 

We pray God’s blessing as you serve.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick


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