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May 2019 Prayer Letter Featured

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May 2019 

Dear praying partners, 

It is with great joy that I can announce that our youngest daughter has graduated from college!  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and has already found a full-time job in the Greenville area.  We will return to Thailand as true empty nesters.   

Family: While visiting churches, many ask about our family so here is a short update.  Our oldest daughter is married to an Air Force Mechanic and is stationed, along with her three daughters in Sumter, SC.  They attend a great church there and are active in its ministries.  Our second son is married with two children and is an electrician in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.  He and his family are also active in a local church in Little Rock. Our third child is a graphic designer for a non-profit organization in Greenville, SC.  He is an active member in a local church currently being revitalized. Our youngest daughter just graduated and is employed as an executive assistant in Greenville.  She is also a part of a local church being revitalized. We (Mike and Frances) are very proud of our children, and although we miss seeing them often, are happy that they are all doing well and are all actively serving the Lord in various capacities. 

Ministry: We have an important announcement concerning our ministry.  We are changing how we handle our support and will be moving to Central Missionary Clearinghouse effective immediately.  This move was for practical reasons and is not doctrinal at all. We feel the time to make this change for the long term benefit of our ministry and to reduce our overhead expenses. Attached to this prayer letter is a letter from my home pastor as well as the form required the first time support is directed to the clearinghouse. I (or my pastor) will be happy to answer any specific questions.  In April, I (Mike) had to return to Thailand for a month to renew my visa as well as teach two modular classes for Bible Institute. Dtom, a student in the institute, is watching the church while we are in the USA until July and is doing a great job. He is learning a lot while he is flying solo.  We are hoping to have our next graduation in 2020 with one graduate. The church is doing well and everyone is working together nicely during our absence.  It is during times of furlough that one can see how strong the foundation of the church is. This past week two prospects have contacted me about studying the Bible online!  Our vision of doing an online Bible school is starting.  Baby steps, but it is a start.  


FurloughWe are in the states until mid-July. Every weekend has been booked with meetings to report to our wonderful supporters. It is a privilege to be able to represent you in the country of Thailand. Our ministry is completely reliant on your generosity and prayers.     

Please pray for: Traveling mercies, Salvation for a man who still comes regularly (3 ½  years). Hannah, as she makes the transition from school to “real life”. Wisdom in ministry matters.  Results of outreach and for a young lady in our church who continues to struggle spiritually but is doing better. (names are not included for privacy reasons; I hope you understand). Online Bible School. 

In closing, Frances and I want to express our sincerest thanks for your partnership in our ministry Your faithful prayers and financial support allow the Thai people to hear the Gospel that sets men free. Thailand is a difficult field, but the Lord is working and by His grace, we will continue to sow the seeds of the Gospel so that one day there might be a great harvest in Thailand. 

For Christ in Thailand, 


Mike & Francis Frederick  Facebook:    

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