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September 2011 Prayer Letter

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Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and enabling. After 8 ½ years in Thailand I am slowing starting to realize how big and difficult the task is that is before us. Yet in it all, we can see the hand of the Lord working in Thailand. New Life Baptist, Chiang Mai. The rainy season has been dry concerning new visitors and people being saved. We had one young man (about 24) who was saved and baptized and has been faithful to services since. We have also had a young man (about 23) who has left the church in order to marry an unsaved woman. It is always difficult to see people fall out of fellowship with the Lord, but we thank God for the way He continues to work in many lives. Sakhorn (Bible school graduate last year) has started taking on more responsibilities in the church and now leads a weekly discipleship class as well as a new teen Sunday school class. Next month he will also teach his first class in the Bible institute. It is encouraging to see him continue to grow and serve the Lord. The Bible institute has grown and now includes five men. Three Thai men have enrolled and have all expressed an interest in serving the Lord in some capacity in the future. We now have Bible Institute classes four times a week (two in English and two in Thai). We continue to teach English at the North Chiang Mai University and are trying to make an impact with both the students and professors. Additionally, another opportunity has presented itself to help Thai High School teachers in Northern Thailand with their English skills. Although teaching English is not my priority, this is a very effective way to meet and develop relationships with other Thai professionals. Thailand is a relationship based society, so sharing the gospel is much less confrontational when presented amongst those with whom a relationship has been established. Newsletter Ministry: The newsletter ministry is finished with mixed results. We were proud of how the members of New Life Baptist church responded by faithfully distributing the newsletters each month. Unfortunately, the responses have been almost non-existent. We can rest in the fact that God’s Word has been spread and perhaps seed has been planted for later harvest. Family News: In addition to the excitement of our son getting married in January, we just found out that our oldest daughter will be having our first grandchild in April 2012. Prayer requests: Please pray for the professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, and Ann for salvation. Also, continue to pray for the many backsliden: Ahm, Mae, Bhun, Ayima, Maem, Tom and Ann. Pray for the Bible school students: Tom, Matt, Tiang, Dtom, and Sombhun,. Pray for the Sullivant family (presently helping in Chiang Mai) as they seek the Lord’s direction for their future ministry. They have been such a blessing to our church in the two years they have attended language school, and we will be sorry to see them leave but excited about their future ministry. We pray God’s blessing on you as you continue to faithfully serve the Lord! For Christ in Thailand, Mike & Francis Frederick BWMOM, Thailand

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