Cambodia Missions Trip 2017


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Dear prayer partners,

Tuesday the 24th we will be leaving for Cambodia to take many of our church members on a mission’s trip. We will be assisting two churches in Phnom Penh and a third church in Khampong Chom. 

We are excited to expose our folks to missions and church life in another culture and context.  We will be passing out literature and DVD’s, sharing testimonies, and trying to encourage the Christians in Cambodia. 

There will be 11 total going on the trip.  Please pray for us for safety and that God would use this trip to encourage the Cambodian churches and missionaries as well as encouraging our church in their walk with the Lord,

willingness to be a good testimony, and to surrender for the Lord’s use.  You can see pictures of our trip on our Facebook page  Let us know your praying for us.  Thanks, and God Bless.

Mike & Frances Frederick                   


January 2017 Prayer Letter


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Dear praying partners,                                                                                                       January 2017

Happy New Year to one and all.  On January 1st, we celebrated our arrival in Thailand 14 years ago.  A lot has changed since then.  All of our children have left and have gone or are currently in college.  Our four children have now morphed into four grand-children with one on the way.  Thankfully, we are still able to continue to serve the Lord here because of your faithful prayers and support and special offerings.  This ministry in Thailand is truly our ministry (each of you and us) for the Lord in reaching the Thai people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.          

Church Events: We have received many special offerings to help with the expenses of the Cambodia missions trip.  Everyone is fully funded, reservations have been made, passports purchased, and now we simply wait for January 24th to see how the Lord is going to work.  Interestingly, our churches faith promise program has been in the black for several months now.  What a blessing that this small church can have a part in world-wide evangelism as well.  You can follow our travels and events on our facebook page.  Simple search for and add as a follower.

Outreach:  We have started live-streaming our services to be a help to those who are in locations without a church and hopefully allow unsaved in our community to see a service and understand what we do.  Many Thai’s have never been in a church and therefore understand all church activities such as singing and preaching in a Buddhist context.  In most Buddhist temples, the monk will chant in the Pali language and no one understands what is being said.  The fact that a Christian message is from a Bible written in an understandable language and the preaching is done in an understandable language is often quite surprising.  If you are curious, or have Thai friends that would like to watch and hopefully be encouraged, we are on You-tube live, New Life Baptist Church Chiang Mai, Saturday nights 2130 EST Sunday School, 2245 EST Sunday worship service, and Wednesday morning at about 1930 for our Wednesday night service.  We tried another outreach program last month by offering a short Creation to Christ or “Get acquainted with what Christians believe” course on Sunday evenings.  Two lost men joined together to study as well as two newly saved ladies. One of the men dropped after the first week, but the second man diligently came, listened and has been faithfully attending church since.  Please pray for this man’s salvation in the near future.      

Bible Institute:  Our Bible Institute suffered a set-back.  One of the students had to be suspended due to a moral issue.  So the school will be temporarily set-aside until we have more students.   

Please pray for:  Mike’s student’s and fellow teachers for salvation.  There is a man who come regularly but has yet to be saved.  Please pray for his salvation as well.  Backslidden members to return or find a good church.  Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies.  A Bible school student to repent and return to school.  Al Allshouse (our associate) for ability in learning Thai.  Wisdom in ministry matters.  Results of outreach.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him

For Christ in Thailand,



Mike & Francis Frederick  facebook:  

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October 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear praying partners,                                                                                                                                                    October 2016

I am currently preaching through the book of Jeremiah for our Wednesday evening Bible studies.  It is an encouragement to know that the success of our ministry is not measured by numbers but by faithfulness.  May the Lord find us all faithful about the task He has called us to do.         

June 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear praying partners,                                                                                                       June 2016

Praise the Lord that the rains have finally come and we have been getting lots of water.  We are still in a water crisis but it is looking better with every rain.  Like the weather, our ministry has come through a particularly dry patch but hopefully has turned the corner.

The young man who I mentioned in our last prayer letter has been faithfully attending services.  He was also baptized recently.  He won’t be able to attend Bible Institute because of his university schedule, but praise the Lord for a faithful young man with a desire to grow in the Lord.

Bible Institute:  We recently finished our third semester.  We have just started the first course of Systematic theology.  It is a joy to teach eager students the Word of God and the importance of proper doctrine.  Although our current students are all female, we praise the Lord for church members with a hunger for the Word of God.  These young ladies will be part of a strong foundation for our church for years to come.  Please continue to pray that the Lord will lead men to want to study God’s Word and have a desire for ministry.  Most churches in Thailand have very few if any men.  We do not want to be the ones who call anyone into ministry, but that the Lord would stir hearts.   

Church Events: We recently had the privilege of travelling to another Northern province to celebrate the fourth anniversary of a sister church.  We took nine of our church members with us to help the missionary pass out tracts and just try to encourage the new members of this church.  All of our members that went paid their own expenses to be a blessing to this church, which is 5 hours from us.  What a blessing to see Christians with a heart to reach and bless others.  With that thought in mind, we are planning on a missions trip to Cambodia in January 2016.  Each of the people wanting to go much fund their own expenses.  It is estimated to cost about 10,000 Baht (about $280) each.  We will be helping a missionary in Cambodia to distribute literature, work on the church property and any other thing we can think of to be a blessing.  When considering the cost, it seems rather cheap, but our folks average about 10000-15000 a month. So that would be like an American raising $4000 or more to go on a missions trip.  A few folks that have found out about the trip have expressed an interest in helping.  If the Lord leads to help, we would use any donations to help the group (outside of my expenses).  We would ask that no one supports an individual, but helps the group.  All are sacrificing.  You can designate any special gifts to our mission board.

Missions Conference:  As far as missions is concerned, we recently had a faith promise missions conference.  What a blessing that our church was able to take on our second missionary.  We currently support Tom Britten, who is sent from our church to England and we now support a missionary from the Philippines who is church planting in Thailand.  Our church is small but has a huge heart for others and understands that we as church need to reach out.  It is humbling to serve such a group of believers.         

Truck:  We praise the Lord for about $1500 that churches and people have given for us to use toward another vehicle.  We are still need about $3500 in order to have an appropriate down payment.  If anyone would like to donate to this project you can send funds to BWMOM and designate them as Frederick Vehicle.  We are so thankful for those who have already given.    

Please prayer for:  Mike’s student’s and fellow teachers for salvation.  Backslidden members to return or find a good church.  Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies.  Bible school students and my self (teaching them clearly).  Wisdom in ministry matters.  Results of outreach. Fundraising for Cambodia missions trip.    

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him

For Christ in Thailand,



Mike & Francis Frederick  facebook: thaimissions   and/or

June 2014 Update

 June 2014

Our four month furlough has finally ended and we arrived safely back in Thailand on June 22nd.  It was a blessing to visit many of our supporting churches and report on what the Lord has been doing in Thailand.  We were very encouraged by the reception we received from so many; it was truly humbling. 

Now that we are back in Thailand we are trying to hit the ground running.  We are hoping to adjust our ministry slightly to have a greater impact and prepare our church for a future without a missionary.  We will expand our outreach to include showing Christian movies in various neighborhoods and at the University on weekend nights.  There are several good films that have been dubbed into Thai and there are even a few local productions that we can show.  We are in the process of making contacts now for this exciting new aspect to our ministry.  It may seem like a small need, but if anyone would like to give for the purchase of snacks that we could provide during the showing, it would be greatly appreciated.  We estimate about $30 per showing or about $90 per week.  In addition to this new ministry we are already making plans for a Christmas carnival at several locations in December.  We are hoping to be able to do 3-5 booths with games and prizes along with Christian literature and a salvation message.  Again, we could use help in this endeavor.  We are planning on about $500 for materials and prizes for this activity. 

Lord willing we will return to our previous locations to teach English to teachers and University students in a few weeks. We made some great contacts prior to leaving for the states, so we are anxious to follow-up on those as soon as possible.  As I mentioned to many churches, the lack of faithful men is a real concern for us.  I had a meeting with the men that attend (fairly regularly) and challenged them concerning faithfulness.  We will be meeting again regularly to try to encourage them to understand their responsibility.

Please pray for Nuey, Pom, No, Aom, Ying, and Mike’s students for salvation.  Pray for Dtom and kwanchai for faithfulness.  Pray for Dtong and Aek concerning the Lord’s direction in their lives. Also please pray for open doors concerning the showing of movies in various neighborhoods.  Lastly, please pray for my (Mike’s) shoulder.  I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and it is very painful and limiting. 

We pray God’s blessing as you serve.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick


April 2014 Prayer Letter

April 2014

The first two and a half months of furlough have been going very well.  A few churches have committed to raising our monthly support, and one new church has been added to our team.  It has been encouraging to reconnect with those who have been praying for us for many years and answer questions concerning the ministry.  This letter will update about our family, whom I haven't updated about in some time.  Our youngest daughter, Hannah is 19 and will begin college this fall.   She would like to pursue a degree in Christian Counseling.  She is currently working in Greenville, SC to save money for college.  Joshua, 23, is graduating from university with a degree in graphic design.  He has had a great college career and has received many graphic design awards as well asbeing selected for the American University Who's Who for 2014.  He will remain in the Greenville area for the immediate future.  Matthew, 25, is married to a wonderful lady, Pauline, who is from France.  He iscurrently in training with the Air Force and will be moving to Little Rock, AR in June.  He and his wife had our second grandchild, Louise, recently.  Our oldest daughter, Maget, and her husband Adam, who is in the Air Force, are moving to New Mexico with their daughter (our first grandchild) Ava.  They are all active in local churches and doing well.  Frances and I are adjusting to the empty nest but miss having everyone around.  

Prayer Requests:  pray for continued safety as we travel; faithfulness of our Thai church members while we are gone; salvation for contacts from the monthly blood pressure booth outreach.  Also pray for Dtom for spiritual growth and discernment and for Aek and Miw for wisdom and discernment in coming life changing decisions. Please pray for each member of our family, as everyone is in a state of transition. 

We pray Gods blessing as you serve.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick


February Prayer Letter

February 2014

Praise The Lord, we made it to the USA in one piece.  We were greeted at Atlanta with a recent ice storm and 12 degree weather.  We forgot how cold that was!  With no winter clothes and not having driven on ice and snow in many years, we were shocked, to say the least.  We did make it to our first meetings safely, and we praise The Lord for that.  Since then, cold weather has followed us like an unwanted puppy. We have been able to experience five winter storms in our first six weeks in the USA.  All I can say is I will not feel smug again when I hear my stateside friends lament how long winter is.  

Upon reaching the US, we were able to obtain a vehicle to use while on furlough for a very reasonable amount from a Christian ministry in St. Louis, Missouri.  We were also able to secure an apartment in Greenville, SC from which we will be based until the end of May when we will return to Thailand.  We have a busy schedule and will be able to visit many of our supporting churches which we haven't visited in ten-twelve years.  We were hoping to be able to visit several new churches as well, but it has been very difficult to obtain new meetings.  So, we will just have to be content with the support level as it is.    I can be reached, while in the USA, at 334-220-4140.  I can also be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook at the thaimissions facebook group. 

While we are in the states, a fellow missionary and Tom (who is a member of our church and was recently ordained) are taking turns preaching and looking after the church.  Additionally, I will be able to do a few services via Skype.  Technology is a wonderful thing when used properly.  The reports I have received so far have been good.  The church is continuing to do outreach ministry in the market as well as distributing tracts. 

Prayer Requests:  pray for safety as we travel; salvation for contacts from the monthly blood pressure booth outreach; Mikes students for salvation and spiritual growth.  Pray for Nun and Nookie for spiritual growth.  Also pray for Dtom for spiritual growth and discernment.  Please pray for Aek and Miw for wisdom and discernment.  We pray Gods blessing as you serve.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

December 2013 Thailand update

December 2013

Merry Christmas!  During Thanksgiving, we typically think of all we are thankful for.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in Thailand and by His grace we hope to serve many more years to come.  As Christmas rapidly approaches, we think of what we are most grateful for; the Lord Jesus Christ.  Like most churches, ours is also using the Christmas season to try and reach out to our community with the Gospel.  Our bug event will be our annual Christmas party which we anticipate about 50-60 adults attending. 

Robbery. As I mentioned in our last letter, we our church was robbed of basically all of our electronic items last month.  God is so gracious in that He used His churches and individuals to provide enough special offerings to replace everything!  Praise the Lord!  We are now back to normal, and thankfully our landlord purchased and installed a security gate on our back door and back window to make it more difficult for thieves to break in.    

Ordination: Next week (the 10th & 11th of December) we will be holding our first ordination.  Tom and his wife were one of the first families to get saved in our church and have been very faithful ever since.  To graduated Bible College this year and has expressed his desire to go to England as a missionary.  About 10 nationals and missionaries will be gathering to exam him and help make a recommendation to New Life Baptist Church.  We will have a special service on the 11th installing Tom as assistant pastor of New Life Baptist. 

Outreach:  One of the challenges of ministering in Thailand is trying to find an effective way to make contact with people.  Although teaching English is a good opportunity, many see missionaries as simply English teachers.  This past week, our church set up a stall at the local night market and one of our ladies, who is a nurse’s assistant, took blood pressure readings as a service to the community.  As a result we were able to make a lot of individualized contacts and were able to distribute many tracts, John/Romans, and other literature.  It was one of the only ways I have seen thus far where the Thai’s were solely responsible for the ministry (people would be scared to have a foreigner read their blood pressure).  We will be going again on New Year’s day and hopefully will be able to make it a monthly evangelistic outreach. 

Furlough:  We will be arriving in the United States on January 29th for a four month furlough, our first since arriving in Thailand on January 1st 2003.  I have already contacted several churches about meeting, but still have many dates open, especially in later February, later March, and all of April.  If you would like us to report to your church we would be happy to try to make that happen.  Please contact me via email and I can call or respond via email to set-up a date.  Concerning funds for our furlough, we have had several special offerings but are still short of our projected needs (above our regular support) by about $3000.  If you can help, please designate it as Frederick furlough and send it to our mission, BWMOM.  Any donations given through our web site are appreciated, but be aware that these gifts are not tax deductible.

Prayer Requests:  Salvation for contacts from the blood pressure booth.  Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth.  Pray for Nun and Nookie for spiritual growth.  We pray God’s blessing as you serve. 

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

August 2013 Prayer Letter

family logo-2August 2013

Change.  It is scary when things change, but when we think of all that has happened in our lives, none of it would be possible without accepting changes in our lives.  In August, our youngest daughter graduated home school and left to live with her older sister in Okinawa, Japan, until she starts college next year.  Our oldest son, who had been living and teaching in Thailand, also left to go to Air Force basic training. Frances and I are now officially “empty nesters”.  Many of you have been there and done that and know it is not easy, but we look forward to how God will work in our children’s lives and Frances and I anticipate many more years of serving together in Thailand.

New Opportunity:  Frances has been taking Thai sign language classes at a school for the deaf in Chiang Mai.  She has the basics and will move on to start helping at the school as a teacher’s helper a few days a week.  This is something that she has always wanted to do.  The deaf community is much larger than many of us realize and the fact that Frances can communicate will hopefully open many witnessing opportunities. 

New Life Baptist Church.  Attendance at regular services has been steady and I am encouraged by the increased attendance of Wednesday nights. We have had several lost people coming regularly for the last few weeks. They are asking questions and will hopefully be saved soon.  The university students have become more involved in the services and Day and Ching have volunteered to start helping with our music program (they will play guitar).

Special Meetings.  We had our second annual mission’s conference in July.  Although our missions giving was down from last year (we have had many members move to other locale), we still have a good commitment of almost $300 per month.  This will allow us to continue supporting the two church planting works in Thailand and begin to support our own missionary that we will be sending to England within the next year or two.  I had the opportunity to preach a Bible conference at a new church plant in Phitsunaloke province.  I preached on worship and the was encouraged by the response.  It is encouraging to see a fellow missionary go to a new unreached province with no Baptist churches (and very few of any sort) of any kind and start a work for the Lord.  In December we will be ordaining Tom into the Gospel ministry.  He will assume duties as assistant pastor until such time that he leaves to go on deputation full time to raise support for his ministry in England.        

Prayer Requests:  The Professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, Nueng, and Daeng for salvation. Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth.  Pray for Nun and Nookie for spiritual growth.  Recent visitors for salvation:  Pim, Paa, Uay.  You can see ministry pictures and more at our web site;  We pray God’s blessing as you continue to serve the Lord! 

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick

Frederick 2014 Furlough

Dear Ministry Partners,

These are the kind of updates that I hate to write, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that I need to write it.  After almost 11 years on the field, we are planning a two part furlough for 2014.  The first part will be in the spring (March-June 2014) and the second part will be in the fall (September-November 2014).  We are planning a two part furlough because we do not have anyone that can watch the church for an extended period of time.  Now comes the part I do not enjoy.  After many years of inflation, a devaluing dollar, dropped and/or reduced support, we are in need of funds to purchase tickets and funds for furlough expenditures as well as several needs on the field.  The following are needs for furlough:

$6000 for tickets (About $2000 each) (spring and fall)

$2500 Rental/leased car while in the USA for March-June). (This is an estimate only)

$2000 rent an apartment while in the USA.

This is a lot of money.  As time passed saving for furlough was one of the first areas to be cut.  Anyone that would like to help can send a check to BWMOM as normal and designate it “Frederick Furlough Fund”. 

Secondly.  I plan to try to primarily visit supporting churches in the Spring and then visit new churches to raise additional support in the fall.   If anyone has a church they would like to recommend we contact to present our ministry we are happy to accept suggestions.  Churches that already support us (for which we are very grateful), I would be happy to try to work out date to give an update to your congregation.  It has been a great privilege to serve the Lord these last 11 years in Thailand.  We are looking forward to sharing what God has done and share a vision for what we hope God will do.  As the world gets darker, the light of the Gospel shines that much more brightly.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely in Christ,

Michael Frederick

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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